Why NetSuite is not a favorite for accounting software in Saudi Arabia?

For the business operations and management of all the records, it is necessary to choose an effective # 1 accounting software in Saudi Arabia. Only a cloud-based accounting system will help to manage and share the reports with a quick solution. A wise decision in choosing the right software will save the cost, time and hassle. Netsuite was one of the complete ERP solutions that provide all management operations system. But it loses the enterprise’s interest due to certain disadvantages of netsuite, that affect the business systems.

Here are some factors due to which netsuite is no more a favorite choice among the business owners:

  • With time, the accounting software in Saudi Arabia are updated and modification takes place. But in the case of NetSuite the continuous process of improvement is completely neglected, which is a disadvantage of netsuite.
  • The software is limited for small or medium-sized enterprises and not for large companies. It only provides the solution with day to day accounting issues, but not cope up the non-technical persons.
  • The usage of this accounting system is limited to IT experts and accounting personals. This is a disadvantage of netsuite that makes it not much user-friendly for the non-accounting personals to use.
  • To make the software operational and get benefits out of it is essential to have trained and expert professionals. The person who knows about IT and can solve the problems easily, this is a big disadvantage of netsuite.
  • The software is not offering broad and flexible features as the other accounting soft wares offer in the industry. Due to limited flexibility, this cannot be fit for every industry size.
  • With the organization’s growth and development, accounting and financial data need more accurate recording and evaluation. But netsuite is not offering that all in one solution to the large enterprises. This is only limited for the medium type enterprises to cover the data recording.

Final consideration!

The financial reporting system offers the data input its processing and offers complete coverage. Due to limited features availability and resource coverage, NetSuite will not offer complete coverage for every niche. The main disadvantage of netsuite is that it is not user-friendly. It means a person needs some professional knowledge and IT-related exposure to tackle the problems and get them resolved. Non-technical one will not handle the reporting and deal the issue arises with day to day data recording.                

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