Top five downsides of busy accounting software in bhutan

BUSY has been one of the top performing and effective accounting software that helps to manage books nicely. The #1 accounting software in bhutan offers a number of features and many accountants find is useful to fix up the book keeping issues and managing account. As a whole, it is a good performer but there are certain disadvantages of BUSY that you may not be able to find randomly. The recent incorporation of numerous software brings us some of the major downsides about BUSY we are discussing here:

No ease of use

Typically, the #1 erp software in bhutan is designed for the frequent users who need to keep the track of accounts and maintain records. However, for the new users or the people with no accounting background it is not possible to use software easily. It does not have the user-friendly interface so a normal person will be able to keep the track of entries and all other books. There are some technicalities and the user’s needs to have some quick guides and basic knowledge about accounting or software.

No mobile application

Many of the accounting software are coming up with the mobile application supported these days. BUSY is one of the software that does not have any app support. It means you can only use the software on the system and do not have access to accounts on phone. It limits your reach to the accounts and information 24/7. Moreover, the unavailability of cloud sync you will not be able to reach out the information anywhere easily. It also put some restrictions on the security of the data in other words.

Lack of short keys

Short keys in the software make our job easy and quick. In order to manage accounts on a wider level it is necessary to use short keys. The short keys in BUSY are not difficult but unavailable, you cannot use any shortcuts. For all the functions, you need to click the icons and go to the details one by one. It is a kind of hectic job when you are working on same files but have to do all the steps repeatedly.

Configuration takes time

It is difficult to configure the application with system and get started with it. The time taking procedure may be frustrating for you when it comes to quick work. There is software available out there, that helps you to get the work done immediately and you can have the things sorted.

Issues with uploading files

Uploading files to the software is another issue. One of the worst disadvantages of BUSY is the file handling. There are certain formats that are not supported with the software. You may not be able to upload some formats and that is a little frustrating for you when you have multiple files to manage. It create problem with the file uploads when you need to add other records to the final data.

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