Three things you should not ignore about Wave Accounting Software in Albania

Wave accounting has been competitive accounting software in albania in market when it comes to have free software with many features. There is no doubt that free is better than any of the pair software. As far as you are getting the required features, it is good to stick to the free software. However, in case of some loops you need to shift to the other paid options. Although Wave accounting offers, you the paid version but still there are some loops.

When you are paying a good amount to the software manager, you need to get the supported features. There are certain disadvantages in Wave accounting paid version as well. These features do not exist in the software so you need to consider these three important features for sure if you are looking for an accounting software in tirana-Durrës-Korçë-Vlorë-Gjirokaster-Elbasan-Sarandë.

Not totally free

Remember the software is not very free. You need to still pay for some features to access that may help you to get some support in accounts management and if you are looking for a # 1 accounting software and erp software in Albania. It is overall a problem that you may not be able to access the features freely. Before getting something done you need to make payments and then access the required feature. There are many other options in the market that offers you more flexible usage of the software. You can have many free options and in the paid version, everything included. Therefore, you do not have to pay for single features in the app.

No time tracking and audit history check

The time tracking and audit history are two of essential features that help in accounts a lot. It is necessary to keep the track of all transactions and entries a per time and audit all the accounts. These both features of an accounting software helps to boost the overall performance and have the right things done. The software does not support these features not even in the paid version so you may not be able to have these features with the Wave Accounting.

Lack credit notes feature

The software do not have the feature of recording credits, you can manage the debit notes but not credits. It seems to be an off side for sure. You will not be able to keep the track of any credits on the company. Moreover, it can cause some confusion when it is about managing the complex accounts at once.

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