Right Account Software and ERP for Petroleum Business

Petroleum companies work in a volatile ecosystem , these companies step into unpredictable waves of demand and supply a system that can give them an all-in-one view of every element they use. #1 Accounting Software and ERP for Petroleum industry in Pakistan is always a thing that every petroleum company is looking for.

Client story:

Our client Javed and Brothers deals in varieties of petroleum i.e. minerals oils, rubber process oils, industrial and automotive lubricants, transformer oils. They have an enormous clientele from industries including automobiles, engineering, electric & power generation, pharma, cosmetics, textiles and steel and many more. 


Foregoing , the implementation of an integrated smart solution, the client was using a complex file-based system. The system was not merged to different elements of business, they faced lack of reporting and not getting outcomes from the detailed data formats. As the system was obsolete, the finance team struggled to compile data during half-yearly and yearly financial closure. Furthermore, operational data was maintained in excel sheets which resulted in frequent recurring human error. They were facing hurdles in managing inventory hierarchy and the client was looking for an automated Accounting Software and ERP that would fit the unique business requirements.


Hisaab.pk was chosen as the ERP partner and a team of experts were deployed for this project. The team carried out a functional planning which included gathering inputs from users at all levels that involves functional and technical data. Particulars Of business processes reports are basic aspect of every system and much needed in every organization, These inputs were used to create an ERP system that met the specific needs of the client. Alternative units, inventory hierarchy, setup salesperson vise system access or difficulties in showing trade price, maintaining MRP process such as pre-shipment processes, post-shipping tracking, etc. The ERP solution was mapped to meet these needs of the client and a fully integrated system was deployed. 

 Following modules were implemented: 

  • Procurement
  • General ledger accounting software 
  • Sales – local and export 
  • Cost center & dimensions 
  • Inventory & services
  • ERP Software administration (MIS)
  • Cost centers and dimensions 


  • Cost controlling – minimize wasting of time of labor and wages.
  • Meeting scheduling – solution helps out gathering useful and valuable data, helps meeting allocation of resources and deadlines. 
  • Operation & process integration — Uninterrupted data flow facilitates complete integration of business processes irrespective of departmental locations. For example, a lubricant company having mining units and sales units spread in far-flung, isolated locations across the globe can work seamlessly through a web-enabled ERP system.

•     Data handling — Easy data entry and centralized

 •     All-in-one — All operations were controlled from a single head office

 •     User-friendly — Shorter process time

 •     Manageable Accounts — Auto reconciliation of more than 10,000 bank receipts and payments per month smooth delegation of tasks across various branches

‘’An ERP system implemented so well at Javed and brothers even till date we benefit from accurate in dept. from each module  and make their system feasible by managing

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