Not everyone can use Sage accounting software, why?

You may hear a number of advantages and features of the Sage accounting software. However, there is a common disadvantage of Sage that you may not know that it is not a user-friendly # 1 accounting software in benin. Not every person is able to use the software efficiently as it is designed for the professionals only. The people do not commonly know so many features in the software. A person with little knowledge about account may not be able to use it. Here are some other major reasons that make Sage a not use by everyone accounting software in porto-novo-contonou-parakoi-abomey-Djougou-Bohicon-Kandi-Ouidah

Installation limitation

The software comes with many limitations for installation. There are numerous conditions that one needs to full fill before installing the software. The very first requirement is the system specifications, as it does not support the iMac and iOS.

Limited for small and medium size business

For all the large setup businesses, it is not possible to use Sage accounting software. It is ideal for normal files of average small or medium business. It is not possible for the software to handle the large scale and complex files. Therefore, the user can only have the small files and data in the software for processing.

Poor customer services

Customer service is one of the integral features offered by any application provider. Unfortunately, in the case of Sage application you will not find any reputed customer services. The company does not support any customer care and let the consumers to have all trouble shooting facilities.

Limited customization

Using the software is difficult as you are unable to customize the options as per utility. The software do not provide many of customization options so you have to deal with the built in and limited options as well. It makes the job difficult, as you cannot have shortcuts or custom windows for quick operations.

Difficult uploading and updating

The uploads of files and updates of software versions is difficult. You may have delay upgrades and uploads most of times. Moreover, it requires permissions and comes up with limitations to upgrade the software version. On the other hand, you cannot upload files of any format or size. There are specifications for the files type and size as well.

Paid support services

If you want to have the customer support services then you will have to pay some extra amount. In comparison to Sage, there is much software these days offering much more options in one package. You do not have to pay for the customer services and can have the best customization options.

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