Income Tax Calculator Pakistan 2014 2015


As per the Finance Act 2013 approved by Government of Pakistan, this web based tax calculator applies income tax rates in Pakistan on taxable income of salaried persons and salaried class. A salaried person class slabs are applicable where salary income exceeds more than 50% of the total taxable income. Please share with us your comments and valuable feedback.

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  • Saad Junaid says:

    Its really helpful, thanks for sharing

  • Shahid says:

    Please tell me the tax rate for corporate companies for financial year 2014?

  • Farhan Hashmi says:

    General Sales Tax charged by the software houses for their services and and their annual maintenance fee is adjustable?

    • admin says:

      Its is adjustable if it is charged by the company or person who is registered under Punjab or Sindh SalesTax on Services Acts.

  • Nadeem Butt says:

    This tax calculator is very helpful. Excel version of tax calculator can be downloaded from the following link, it also calculates tax on other than salary income, property income etc:

  • Dear Danish Bhai,
    Teaching is the greatest act of optimism, Thank you for all that you do.

  • Safia Amer says:

    Very nice and helpful 🙂

  • Ahmad says:

    I guess these are the same rates as were applicable for 2013-2014. Please confirm if I am right or not?

  • Sarfaraz says:

    Well good efforts, but where is teachers reductions of 40% of tax payable, & 60 years senior citizen’s tax reductions…?? how can we calculate it by your table…???

  • Zulfiqar Ahmad Awan says:

    Its really helpful, thanks for sharing and Mr. Sarfaraz point out Well question (where is teachers reductions of 40% of tax payable, & 60 years senior citizen’s tax reductions…?? how can we calculate it by your table…???) thanks

  • vickey says:

    Please remove my confusion, If in a tax year 1st jul 2014 to 30th Jun 2014, an employee joined in September 2014 and his gross salary is Rs. 40,000/- per month, then his earnings for the year july 2014 to june 2015 will be Rs. 400,000/-, then his salary is exempted or not

  • Ali Raza Shah says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need this calculator in Excel based format or in any other data base software. If available then kindly send me through email, i will remain grateful to you

  • Ahmed says:

    really a helpful thing. can you plz tell me the source of report from which you prepared this calculator

  • PASHA says:

    can you please tell me that is there any change in RABATE for Teachers and Researchers .. Last year it Was 40 % .. what is Rebate for this year ??? i will be greatfull for this information


  • Sikandar says:

    Good one!

  • Kamran Nathani says:

    Please confirm we have to enter here basic salary or gross salary

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