How to implement ERP in the Coal Industry?

Mining includes so many procedures, including resource allocation, equipment management for transportation and logistics, such as excavators, trucks, conveyor belts, and more. In order to simplify and even automate these complex processes, a system is required, so that everything runs effectively and finishes faster.

ERP for Mining Resource Sector

HISAAB ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) program is one framework that can do all this. Below, we have listed the five key advantages of mining companies.

Effective management of program & distribution of resources

In mining companies, one of the most critical factors that decide the smoothness of the mining process is project management and resource allocation.

All mining operations, including drilling, grinding, digging, road transport, crushing, inspecting, equipment maintenance and store management, and compliance with government regulations related to mining and material movement, are regulated by ERP for the mining industry.

HISAAB ERP Software for the metals and resources industry to have maximum visibility of all mines, inventories, in-mine movement, yard handling, and logistics schedules.

Improved quality of transport & logistics

A mining project’s smooth operation relies on transport and logistics as well, so both must always work well. HISAAB ERP for the mining industry. offers features such as vehicle management, travel times, freight management, cargo production schedules, freight reservations, and many more that help ensures smooth transportation and logistics.

Controlled Financial Transactions

One of the most important benefits of ERP software for mining companies is better-controlled finance. The financial reporting module in the ERP system allows you to estimate your revenue and expenditure with high accuracy. This process also helps you manage your budget more wisely by tracking every currency in and out so that you can find out where you can save. Essentially, the ERP system helps reduce operating costs by minimizing recurring expenses, activities, and labor use.

ERP software also lets you keep track of the conditions of your transportation, making it easier for you to schedule routine maintenance and record all transactions that include all your transport.

Effective Operational Activities

Excavation Planning: Details of drilling and blasting, including used explosives.

With a HISAAB ERP for the mining industry., it is possible to schedule asset maintenance automatically. When the maintenance timetable is approaching, asset managers will also get an alert. In a centralized database, they may also conduct inspections and report the outcomes of inspections. It is easy to track assets that are distributed around different locations and calculate their value so that managers can know how long the assets can be used.

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