Highlight the potential issues of an ERP software

ERP software is complete management or operating system that provides the organizational solution. It makes things easier whether it is related to the recording, reporting, supply chain management, Human resources handling and other operations. Due to the increase in scope ERP software in Sri Lanka getting popular and organizations shifting their management system to this centralized system. No doubt it helps and ensure the best resource and management process and commits full business support, but there are some limitations or issues that can be faced by the entrepreneurs who are having one in Colombo, Kalmunai, Vavuniya, Galle and Trincomalee.

To provide information about potential issues here we have details about that:

One size is not for all

If you are having a small system organization, it is easy and manageable to cut and plug again your ERP system and accounting software. But for large enterprises, it will make difficulties if you want to run one system for mother company or its subsidiaries. ERP system is designed to carry out things according to its programming and for different policies or regulation, one system is not able to provide solution to both ends. The most appropriate option is only to have two installations one for main company or other for the subsidiaries.

Compliance is missing

For ERP software, it is easy to manage the source files and interpret them between the department. This will provide one centralized communication and interpretation of data and its processing that affect cost significantly. But if any of the department is not included in its programing then there will be an issue arise in its compliance system. But we can say it’s an issue arise due to its interpretation or application, it’s not a technical problem.


An ERP system provides effective security and safety to the database and its interpretation which reduce the risks of sharing data within departments and its processing. But there is a security breaching risk that is involved in the application of and accounting software and ERP. It is a centralized data center so in case of internal data breach ERP system will not able to protect in any way. This issue can be eliminated if the system is well-structured.

Excessive applications are not supported

If your enterprise has huge data or number of an application stored in ERP system and and accounting software, it will reduce the efficiency of its working automatically. When your programmer interpreting or developing your ERP system it is necessary to allocate these applications those are not supported.

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