Common FAQs about ERP software in Sri Lanka

Enterprise resource planning software is one of the ultimate utility for the business entrepreneurs who are looking forward to have a startup. It is not just ideal for the initial planning but to make a business progress as well. The software is a complete package and a defined set of guidelines that helps to ensure the appropriate placement and usage of resources. Moreover, it enables a person to asses’ risks, possible opportunities, solutions to the problems, future agenda and planning as well.

There is no doubt that ERP software in Sri Lanka is essential for all businesses and there is a scope of the software in the future. On the other hand, people do have some of the core questions in their mind related to ERP software. Here we are answering these common FAQs about ERP software:

Does the use of ERP software limited to finance and accounting?

No, the ERP software in Sri Lanka is no limited to the accounting and financial management. In fact, it helps the entrepreneur to get better plans for their business in terms of investment and future growth. The software tools help to assess the overall business growth and development in a longer run.

When we should buy ERP software?

To start up any business setup it is necessary to have a strong plan and management, ERP software actually helps in keeping the things streamed and stabilized as well. You need to buy the software when you have established business and want to expand it to the next level.

Is Free ERP software reliable?

It is a common perception that if something is free then it is not of good quality. In case of ERP software in Sri Lanka that is coming free, you need to be selective. Not all free software are useless, some good quality software comes with a trial period of free version. You can use this free version for the initial exposure and later can upgrade the subscription.

What is the right time to upgrade ERP software?

You may need to upgrade your ERP software when you are expanding the business scale or you want to access more features. Remember, the free versions come with so many restrictions and limitations. Based on your business needs you can identify the timing when you need to upgrade the software.

Is it useful to have cloud-based ERP software?

Definitely yes, it is always useful to have cloud based ERP software for your business. It offers you the liberty to access update and edit the records and files anywhere. Moreover, it keeps the files secured to the servers where you can have a backup. Cloud based ERP software in Sri Lanka helps you to keep a check on any unusual edits in your records.

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