Difference between Premium and Enterprise Versions


Features Premium Version Enterprise Version
-Sales Transactions:
Sale Quotation Entry
Sale Order Entry
Delivery Against Sales Orders
Invoice Against Sales Delivery
Direct Invoice
Invoice Prepaid Orders
Customer Payments
Customer Credit Note
Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes
-Sales Inquiries and Reports:  ✓
Sale Quotation Inquiry
Sale Order Inquiry
Customer Transaction Inquiry
Customer Allocate Inquiry
Customer and Sales Reports
-Sales Maintenance:
 Add and Manage Customer
Customer Branches
Merge Customers
Sales Groups
Import Customers
Gate Pass
Sales Type
Sales Persons
Sales Areas
Sales Email
Import Bulk Invoices
-CRM Transactions:
Add Tasks
Add Knowledge Base Attachments
Add Call
Add Event
Add Query
-CRM Reports:
 Tasks Inquiry
 Tasks Grid
 Knowledge Base Inquiry
 Query Inquiry
 Call Log
Print Reports
-CRM Setup
Add Customers
Knowledge Base Category
Task Status
Call Type
Query Status
Query Source
-Purchase Transactions:
Requisition Entries
Requisition Allocation
Purchase Order Entry
GRN against PO
Supplier Invoices
Import Purchase
Direct Supplier Invoice
Payments to Suppliers
Supplier Credit Notes
Allocate Supplier Payments or Credit Notes
-Purchases Inquiries and Reports:
 Purchase Order Inquiry
 Purchase Requisitions Inquiry
 Supplier Transaction Inquiry
Supplier Allocation Inquiry
Purchase Reports
-Purchases Maintenance:
Add and Manage Supplier
Supplier Category
Import Supplier
Import OB Suppliers
Import Purchase Return
Purchase Email
-Items and Inventory Transactions:
 Inventory Location Transfer
 Inventory Adjustments
 Import Opening Balances
-Items and Inventory Inquiries and Reports:
 Inventory Item Movements
 Inventory Item Status
 Daily Inventory Movements
 Item Reports
-Items and Inventory Maintenance:
Add and Manage Items
Update Item Code
Foreign Item Codes
Sales Kits
Item Categories
Import Item
Inventory Locations
Units of Measure
Re order levels
-Items and Inventory Pricing and Costs:
 Sales Pricing
Purchasing Pricing
Add Category
Standard Costs
Manufacturing Transactions:
Work Order Entry
Work Order Entry Multiple
Outstanding work orders
Manufacturing Inquiries and Reports:
Costed Bill of Material Inquiry
Inventory Item Where Used Inquiry
Work Order Inquiry
Manufacturing Reports
-Manufacturing Maintenance :
Add and Manage BOM
Work Center
-Fixed Assets Transactions:
Fixed Assets Purchase
Fixed Assets Location Transfers
Fixed Assets Disposal
Fixed Asset Sale
Process Depreciation
-Fixed Assets Inquiries and Reports:
 Fixed Assets Inquiry
 Fixed Asset Reports
-Fixed Assets Maintenance:
 Fixed Assets
 Fixed Assets Locations
 Fixed Asset Categories
 Fixed Assets Classes
– Dimension Transactions:
Dimension Entry
Outstanding Dimension
– Dimension Inquiries and Reports:
 Dimension Inquiry
 Dimension Reports
– Dimension Maintenance
Dimension Tags
– General Ledger Transactions:
Bank Payment Voucher
Bank Deposits Voucher
Cash Payment Voucher
Cash Receipt Voucher
Bank Account Transfer
Journal Entry
Budget Entry
Reconcile Bank Account
Revenue Cost
– General Ledger Inquiries and Reports:
 Journal Inquiry
GL Inquiry
Bank Account Inquiry
Tax Inquiry
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet drilldown
Profit and Loss Drilldown
Cash Flow Statement
Banking Reports
General Ledger Reports
-General Ledger Maintenance:
 Bank Account
 Quick Entries
 Account Tags
Exchange Rates
GL Accounts
GL Account Groups
GL Account Classes
Closing GL Transactions
GL Account Transfer
Sale Reports
Purchase Reports
 Item Reports
 Manufacturing Reports
 Fixed Asset Reports
Dimension Reports
Banking Reports
General Ledger Reports
– Human Resources HR Transaction:
 Add Employees
Monthly Man Month
Import Attendance CSV
Daily Attendance
Monthly Attendance
Employee Leave
-HR Report:
Employees Dashboard
Employees Dashboard Log
Leave Inquiry
Attendance Inquiry
Division Wise Inquiry
Employee dashboard demo
-HR Setup:
Attendance Policy
Leave Type
Gazetted Holiday
Payment Mode
Document Type
-Payroll Transactions:
Employee Salary Payment
Employee Tax Payment
Employee EOBI Payment
Bulk Payment Voucher
Difference Current Payroll
Payroll Entry
Employee Advance
Leave Encashment
Bulk Wise Gratuity
Bulk Wise Leave Encashment
-Payroll Reports:
Advance Inquiry
Leave Encashment Inquiry
Gratuity Inquiry
Payroll Inquiry
Increment Inquiry
Print Reports
Employee Grade
Current Tax Slab
GL Setup
-Setup Company Setup:
Company Setup
User Account Setup
Access Setup
User Location Access
User Bank Access
Display Setup
Transaction References
Tax Group
Item Tax Type
System and General GL Setup
Fiscal Years
Print Profiles
-Setup Miscellaneous:
Payment Terms
Shipping Company
Point of Sale
Reports Preference
-Setup Maintenance:
Void a Transaction
View Or Print Transactions
Attach Documents
Backup And Restore