Accounting Software Implementation at Powertech Cement Sri Lanka

Powertech Cement Sri Lanks is been supplied by DHT Pvt. Ltd. It is the fourth largest cement supplier in Sri Lanka, it started back in 2014 and has been grown to supply in all over Sri Lanka. The plant is worth 2.5 Billion LKR and its the first one developed in last two decades. Powertech cement is an Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) which is in compliance of SLS 107 under 42.5 N strength class. DHT Plant is located in the industrial area of Ja-Ela, near Colombo. It is spread on 5 acres and the cement production capacity is around 1 million tons per year.

DYS Solutions Pvt Ltd. is proud to be associated with DHT Pvt Ltd. in implementing its Accounting Software and ERP in Sri Lanka. Previously we have implemented various Accounting Software and ERP in Pakistan with cement suppliers. DHT Cement is first of kind in our client portfolio in many ways like operating cycle, supply chain management and with the difference if statuary and tax laws in Sri Lanka. is a customization ERP and now well equipped with the laws of Sri Lanka.

Before DHT was facing several challenges in maintaining cost control, inventory loopholes, pilferage, approval limits, mobility of the sales team. After the implementation of ERP DHT can now easily control its operations:

  1. Management can now overview the operations on a single business intelligent dashboard.
  2. Several head of departments can approve the documents on single click on their mobiles phones.
  3. All Inventory movement inward and outward is effectively controlled.
  4. Fleet of trucks and their maintenance expenses can be tracked.
  5. Import costing of the raw material inputs are effectively taken care of.
  6. Tax management and compliance with the Sri Lankan tax laws are no more an issue at DHT.
  7. Employee payroll management is done systematically instead of on excel spreadsheets.
  8. Work orders and production management.
  9. Sale force management.
  10. General ledger accounting as per International Accounting Standards.

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