Accounting Software for Ceramics-Tiles-Bathroom-Utensils

Are you tired of using complex software for managing huge data

Ceramics industry is a challenge. We use ceramics on a daily basis , in household chores, tooth implants and many more.

How do we deal with multitudinous areas of a company?
Nowadays people are moving to new and modern trends that could positively impact their industry.
Let us discuss a tile industry that has a huge amount of data that could not easily merge manually working independently sometimes gets complicated and inflexible, only an integrated software fulfills the needs of required business requirements and meets the target flexibly in every huge organization which contains bulks of data. Multiple areas in industry like finance and accounting, material planning or management, production plans, human resource management, customer relationship management, sales and distribution and most importantly reporting on every interval of processing .

Success Story:
Archi homes is one of the leading tile importers and exclusive distributors of the world renowned brands. ARCHIHOMES comes under the umbrella of Gigi group of companies. They have been operating in the industry since 1949, the pain reason for Archihomes is the manual process they have gone through. They grab the idea of installing an ERP system after exploring many solutions, ERP for ceramics industry proves with the excellent outcomes and powerful management system to take strict control of business activities. There is a hectic chain of processes.

Implementation phase: Systems provides the best all-in-one, end-to-end, user-friendly, software for the natural stone, Our ERP solution manages all aspects of business, also helps in improving productivity and complete the selected targets on time, without any breakdown. It has modules for inventory management, purchasing, quotations, estimates, holds, sales, scheduling, accounting, reports, and much more. Our system is much flexible and can be tailored to meet the complex needs of distributors and manufacturers.

Advantages of adopting All-in-one system:
It auto generates reports after analyzing each element that could be from sales, purchases, items and inventory and general ledger accounts.
Inventory management module helps in managing item records and ease of searching each item you added into an inventory .
All processes must be done efficiently and in real time. will help your manufacturing industry grow in the ever competitive industry and guide your path to success.

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