5 best ERP software for business

Technological advancement changes our lifestyle as well as alters the ways to run a business setup. With the help of software of the financial management system, it is quite easy to look after business operational or management affairs and streamline things in a uniform way. ERP system is actually an integrated system of enterprise resource planning. It provides assistance as well as manages the organizational affairs related to different departments like human resource, accounts, and management, etc. due to its viability and automates function management it is highly in demand. ERP software provides exclusive management and ease for the local industry of that region.

The best ERP system not only improves business operations or performance as well as provides a solution in its expansion by motivating employees and satisfies potential clients. Here is some best ERP software that is commonly in use in major industrial cities of Pakistan – Sialkot, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sargodha, Shaikupura :

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is one of the top rank ERP software for business because it provides multiple functions like e-commerce, resource management, finances, and resource planning. It provides reports and data for decision making from top management to lower management that will help in decision making, as well as with an effective back-up solution.

Hisaab.pk ERP

This ERP software is one of the best and suitable choices for small-medium enterprises to manage their work as per resources. It is user-friendly with the authorization to control over financial management, reporting, and work schedule. It provides management complete insight of finances, customer relations, staff activity, and other business activities and makes decision making quite effective, and above all it provided localized customization as per the requirements of Pakistan tax laws.


SYSPRO is specially designed for logistics and manufacturing enterprises that offer multiple features. It provides solutions to supply chain management, quality assurance, auditing, and management operation systems, etc. through this it is quite easy to optimize analysis and reporting for decision making.


Odoo is quite simple and usually management system that provides assistance with routine sales and project-based management operations. It gives solution to almost every business with specialized features of e-commerce, project management, resource planning and many more. It provides a platform that can be expandable as per the requirement of business or developer.

Microsoft Dynamic GP

Microsoft dynamic GP is extensive ERP software that provides multiple offerings and facilitation like human resource management, supply chain management, logistics operations, client management, resource management and many more. This system provides solution of effective business reporting that supports a lot in the evaluation and decision-making process.

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