# 1 ERP Software for Glass Manufacturing

Hisaab.pk -the ultimate fit for glass processing workflow. It is an integrated ERP management software we provide for glass manufacturing business. Glass is something special and not just because it is one of mankind’s oldest hand-made materials, but also because its unique and diverse properties make it hard to imagine life without it.

Lakhani Glass Pvt.ltd, is a trusted and renowned name in the civil construction industry in Pakistan, they manufacture glass and are a trusted supplier for architects, builders and constructors with many Contractors, Construction Companies, National & Multinational Organizations, Government, Semi Government and Autonomous Authorities in Pakistan.

Lakhani Glass is using Hisaab.pk ERP to solve the problems regarding purchases, sales and inventory wastage. This software sculpts and customizes all glass processing requirements. 

To overcome the strain and the inability to achieve it manually, stakeholders opt for an ERP system that helps them to allocate this situation. A customized ERP software for glass business that not only covers the sales system but the overall processes they are transforming.

Hisaab.pk ERP covers all main manufacturing functions of the glass processing industry from production planning, through scheduling, glass cutting Optimization, fabrication, edge polishing, remake management, till glass wastage reduction. 

The scalability and flexibility of the ERP solution proceeds to the extent of supporting tangled production processes like handling different shapes, weights, thicknesses, edge work additions, etc.

Hisaab.pk is a complete ERP solution that integrates all the processes into one platform. Control all aspects through one way.


Manufacturing improves efficiency on plant and process level.

Sales and order management Customized sales order report, Sale Invoice Report, Purchase Order Report.

Inventory Would it not be a business failure, when you have all the resources for the production line except for a minor component? Inventory module of ERP would never let it happen.

Support and claims Help desk support system, Insurance management System, Claim Management.

Developing and implementing ERP software for glass manufacturers much care should be taken to implement strategies that create an efficient road map towards business agility. Get in touch with us to know how best we can uplift your business process through our customized ERP solutions.

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